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31st January, 2023

5 Things You Must Have at Your Next Trade Show

A trade show is a major opportunity for your company. Preparing ahead of time ensures you make the most of it and impress your audience. NWI Print Pro has helped so many businesses prepare for trade shows and other professional events through our outstanding print marketing services. We provide what you need to get noticed and build new connections. Here are our top recommendations for you to bring to your next trade show. 

Eye-Catching Signs

Trade shows tend to be busy, so you need to find ways to stand out. You want to grab attention from people walking in all directions, so one sign probably won’t be enough. Create a set of matching signs for maximum visibility, and you’ll reap the benefits. Consider backdrops, table coverings, rollup banners, and event signs

Hand Out Promotional Products

In today’s world, you need a variety of promotional products to emphasize what makes you unique. You have a lot of competition, and standing out involves focusing on your brand’s most striking visual aspects. Incorporate these details into promotional products and handouts. Clients will appreciate having information on the ready, so you can provide business cards, booklets, brochures, and other items that display your business name and logo. Other ideas include pens, magnets, buttons, and key chains. 

Materials Containing Key Information

The long-term advantages of informative materials are highly valuable to your company. Printed materials continue your mission even after the tradeshow is over. Prospects will review the information you provide before deciding on what kinds of products and services they need. In other words, delivering this information using brochures, business cards, and flyers can ensure that clients complete the customer journey and give you a call. 

Planned Organization Materials

Before setting up your booth, you need to have a plan. Deliberately organize your display for maximum appeal. The way that you display your items will certainly impact how others view your credibility: think of a messy table with haphazard piles. Visitors likely won’t want to sort through something disorganized, so create an inviting setup so they’ll want to stay. Business card stands, brochure displays, and even jars can do the trick. 

Bring Your Own Survival Kit

Trade shows tend to be long, sometimes exhausting events. By the end, you’ll have a lot of new business prospects, but getting to that point takes some preparation. Build your own survival kit containing water, snacks, tissues, and other items so you’ll be at your best the entire event. That way, you can confidently build new connections with the help of your print marketing materials created by our team. 

Talk to Our Printing Experts Today

NWI Print Pro serves small businesses throughout Northwest Indiana as the print company that they trust the most. We deliver exceptional services to our clients and make sure that you are fully prepared for your next trade show. With all of these items in tow, you’ll make a memorable impression and further your business’s mission. To learn more about what we can accomplish for you, contact us for an appointment. 



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