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19th July, 2022

6 Engaging Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small business owners have plenty of options to choose from at NWI Print Pro. Our print marketing specialists can help you choose the right product based on your long-term marketing goals. Getting noticed in your local community is as simple as selecting the right tools to promote your branding. Print marketing represents your company’s best qualities, and in order to ensure your branding is displayed at its peak, you need creative ideas that foster a strong, loyal client base. Below, we explore nine engaging print marketing ideas that small business owners should consider. 

Business Cards, A Classic and Timeless Choice

Business cards have remained a staple in professional communication. Sharing a custom business card is an effective networking technique that both impresses your audience and reminds them of your company. With your contact information readily available, you’ll want to provide these small yet powerful cards for current and prospective clients alike. 

Showcase Your Company With Brochures

Brochures combine visual representations with descriptions to showcase your products and services. Include a brief history of your company, information on your specialties and more to provide readers with a glimpse of your offerings. 

Custom Banners for Trade Shows and Events

Banners are the perfect way to display your brand at an event where you want to expand your network. Tradeshows and conventions include plenty of competition, meaning you need an eye-catching sign to stand out. Raise awareness without making a major financial investment using our cost-effective vinyl banners. 

Use Postcards to Directly Market to Your Audience

Postcards offer so many possibilities for you to advertise your brand. Create custom designs that reach the parties that need your services the most. Mail them to your clients, or hand them out with purchases and at special events. No matter what you choose, postcards can instantly boost your recognition in your local community. 

Special Offers

Increase client loyalty by rewarding your regulars with special offers. We can help you create special discount cards and more to keep clients coming back. These products are especially effective in promoting repeat business, helping you gain customers for life. 

Reach a Wide Audience With Flyers

Flyers are an easy way to reach a wider audience. Promote your latest products, services and events using a professional-looking flyer. We provide bulk mailing services to make the process easy. We can help you create a custom mailing list to quickly send your flyers across your community. Likewise, these bold flyers stand out when you hang them around community areas and other locations where prospective clients will discover your much-needed services. 

Create Custom Printed Marketing Materials Now!

Small businesses don’t have to rely on a huge financial budget to create a wide variety of effective print marketing products. Print marketing is highly effective since it helps your brand stand out, acting as a physical reminder of your company. NWI Print Pro is excited to help your small business choose the best options for your goals. Call today to begin!



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