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29th May, 2022

Advertise Your Nonprofit Organization With Print Marketing

Anyone who has run or worked for a nonprofit organization understands the importance of cost-effective advertising methods. When you’re on a tight budget, you need to find the most affordable way to make a big impact. Print marketing lets you unleash your creativity in the best way possible, yet many organizations find it challenging to choose the right products. NWI Print Pro is here to help. We provide a wide range of products for you to explore. Make a statement using our bold signs, posters, banners and more. Here are our top tips for nonprofit organizations looking to promote their services using print marketing. 

Keep Your Community In the Loop

Your nonprofit does incredible work, and you should utilize every opportunity to spread the rod about your efforts. Building a base of loyal readers increases emotional connection to your services and also spreads awareness about the issues you tackle. Showcase the latest news to ensure the community stays updated and aware of the work you do. 

We offer several products that work excellently with our bulk mailing services. For instance, you can use brochures to provide a detailed look into how you’ve used donations. Or, send newsletters in the form of flyers to summarize the latest news at your organization. With so many options available, be sure to talk to our team to determine which would work best for your goals. 

Use Postcards to Show Gratitude

If you run a nonprofit, you know first-hand the importance of your supporters. From financial donations to volunteering, there are so many ways your supporters lend your organization a hand. Show your supporters how grateful your organization is for the time, money and energy they put towards ensuring you continue to do the things you do. By showing your appreciation, they’ll appreciate you in return. 

Our postcards come in different varieties so you can choose a design that best suits your image. Select between matte and gloss coating, many vibrant colors and fonts to create the perfect card to promote your brand. 

Raise Funds

Nonprofits rely on funding to operate. When paired with your regular fundraising activities, print marketing opens a whole new world of opportunities. Promote your events using posters, banners and vinyl signs. A successful event is one that is well-advertised, as more people will be aware of your cause. 

Our other print options provide other options to explore. Create a custom envelope for cash collection, and send them to a custom mailing list.  Since you’ve already provided a place for them to send the money, that covers the first step of the customer journey, increasing the chances that they’ll contribute. That way, you can fundraise without a sweat.  

Visit Our Print Shop to Begin!

Running a nonprofit is challenging yet rewarding work, and that’s something you’ve experienced. NWI Print Pro wishes to make your life easier through our wide range of convenient print marketing options. From fundraising to advertising, we have all of the logistics covered. Explore our services and products today!



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