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19th January, 2021

Business Cards in 2020

Business cards are an effective way to represent your business. These compact cards are small in size but tell a big story. Representing your business is easy with a business card, but its design and quality are very important. NWI Print Pro has been creating stunning printed products since 1985. Our printing experts offer a few tips to help you create the perfect business card. Here are some of the most important elements that made business cards a success in 2020, and why they’ll continue to be important even in the digital age.

Helps You Stand Out

Business cards help your business build a presence. While you can use online websites to connect with clients and other professionals, having a physical reminder of your company leaves a strong impression. Many of the websites are easy to get lost in, meaning you’ll be buried beneath your competitors. A business card is simple and bold, with your contact information readily available. You will definitely stand out when you make the switch.

Highly Professional

Business cards boost your credibility. Nothing says “professionalism” like a well-designed business card at the ready. Consider this situation: you run into a potential customer, and they are interested in your services. Rather than having to scribble your contact information on a piece of scrap paper, you will always be prepared to gain—and impress—new leads.

Easy to Post on Social Media

As we social distance and keep each other safe, you may not have as many opportunities to exchange business cards as you would like. However, you can always post your business card on social media. Your followers can easily share your post with their family and friends, making sharing your business card simple. Plus, when you create a business card with NWI Print Pro, yours will have a sleek, professional design that your viewers will appreciate. They’ll be impressed when they see it featured on your account.

Increase Your Sales

After meeting a client, if they don’t have your contact information, they’ll encounter every one of your competitors as they search for your company. To make sure they choose your business, avoid this situation altogether by giving them a business card that they can easily take out of their wallet.

Display Your Company’s Unique Style

Business cards display your company’s individual style. You can unleash your creativity when designing a business card that looks beautiful and represents your company’s unique brand. Print your logo and name directly on the business card. You can even choose between different cuts to add a special effect. Identify what makes your company stand out, and convey that on your business card’s design.

Talk to Our Printing Experts

Business cards have so much potential as a part of your marketing plan. NWI Print Pro creates stunning business cards in Crown Point to further your business. Let our team help you design the perfect business card today: give us a call to get started! We are excited to work with you and help your company grow.



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