Merrillville Sign Shop

Merrillville Sign Shop

If your business needs a new sign, visit NWI Print Pro. Our Merrillville sign shop has been creating a variety of eye-catching signage since 1985! We are experts at what we do, drawing on more than 35 years of printing experience to make a product that surpasses your expectations. 

Our Merrillville Sign Shop Makes All Sorts of Signs

Coming up with an idea for your sign might be easy, but finding a printing company that can bring it to fruition can be a challenge, especially if your sign has a unique flair to it. Don’t let any of the details get lost in translation: rely on our team of printing experts to do an outstanding job! No matter what type of signage you’re hoping to create, we are sure to help:

  • Interior Signs 
  • Exterior Signs 
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Doors and Windows

Any sign that’s on the outside of your business should attract attention and look amazing. Our exterior signs are sure to make you stand out. We make flags, coroplast signs, backlit signs and signs for parking lots and yards. Interior signs are used for a wide range of purposes. These signs are seen in many commercial buildings to direct visitors or advertise a new sale. We create hanging signs, PVC signs, floor decals, canvas prints and so much more. 

Our Sign Creation Process

Creating a custom sign is well worth it. The process doesn’t take long, and you end up with a unique sign that stands as a symbol for your business. Here’s how our sign creation process works:

  • Consultation: No matter what you’re looking to create at our print shop, everything starts with a consultation. We will discuss your ideas with you and learn about your goals. What kind of sign do you need? What will it be used for? Are there any special details we should focus on? This will help us throughout the process. 
  • Design: Once we have all the details sorted out, we set out on generating a fluid, effective design. Sometimes, our clients come to us with ideas in tow, while others just have a general idea of what they want their sign to look like: either way is perfectly fine! We’ll review your design and find ways to optimize it, if necessary.  
  • Manufacturing: After the design stage is finished, we start making your sign. This step looks very different depending on what kind of sign you asked for. 
  • Installation: Once your sign is finished and you’ve looked it over, it’s time to install it. Whether your sign will be put on the inside or outside of your business, we’ll have no problem installing it. 

We work as efficiently as possible so you get your sign in a timely manner. Our craftsmen put forth their full effort from start to finish. 

Get Your Signs at NWI Print Pro

At NWI Print Pro, we do everything with excellence. We want you to be satisfied with your product, so visit our Merrillville Sign Shop if you are ready to create the perfect sign for your business. 

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