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2nd March, 2021

Creating a Brochure for Your Nonprofit

Brochures have been the staple of print marketing for many years, and there are many good reasons why. These simple printed materials are affordable, letting you make hundreds of impressions without going outside your budget. Plus, they’re easy to make and require little planning on your part. Of course, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you make your brochure so it’s as effective as possible. NWI Print Pro offers a few tips to create the perfect brochure. 

Identify Your Goals

All nonprofits have a goal in mind. Whether you’re looking to rally new volunteers or promoting an upcoming charitable event, a brochure is an excellent tool that can get the attention you need. Think about what you want your brochure to accomplish. An informative brochure will have a different design than an image-based one since the former requires space for text. 

Determine Your Outreach

Brochures can be marketed in several ways. You are trying to get them noticed by as many individuals as possible. If you are looking for local outreach, we can help. We have bulk mailing services to help you send your printed products out in a flash. Create a custom mailing list, or build off of preexisting ones. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to have a firm understanding of your outreach and how far you want it to extend. A simple brochure can do wonders in increasing traction and getting your organization’s name out there. 

Emphasize Your Mission

What’s your nonprofit’s mission? This can be an effective way to appeal emotionally to your audience. Every nonprofit has a story, and your organization is no exception. You might find your true voice within your organization’s history. Explaining your roots to your audience helps them understand your motivation. Also, you can incorporate this information as a part of the brochure. For example, brochures contain multiple sides and sections. You can dedicate a section to outlining your mission, which helps you build an overall theme for your brochure. 

Determine Your Audience

Identify your key audience. Your brochure’s information and design will vary depending on who you’re trying to appeal to. For instance, are you looking for new volunteers? Are you appealing to local schools for support or trying to increase donations? Depending on who will be reading the brochure, change up the design and content. That way, the reader will feel like they’re being called to action.  

Include Headings and Subheadings for Organization

We are dedicated to creating beautiful printed products. Our brochures are meant to impress. That being said, these products aren’t just for show. They have a very real function, and so you want them to work optimally. Be sure to include several headings and subheadings to clearly define various points within the brochure. Your readers will have a much easier time navigating the brochure. Plus, it looks professional and tidy, which adds to your credibility. 

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NWI Print Pro is a leading printing company in Crown Point offering outstanding services. We want to help nonprofits grow and reach a wider scope, and we are proud to serve you. Let us help you create the ideal marketing tools that you’ll be proud to have represent your organization. 



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