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26th May, 2020

Creating An Effective Sign for Your Business

Signage is a medium that’s filled with possibilities. In fact, with so many options available, you might not be sure of what is the best way to put your ideas into motion. No matter what purpose your sign is filling, your sign should follow basic design principles, be sturdy and eye-catching. Our printers at NWI Print Pro will help you create a sign that meets your expectations. 

The Right Materials

A great sign doesn’t just look the part: it should be made of the best materials available. Our signage experts at NWI Print Pro carefully select the materials for your sign. We consider how your sign will be used and where it will be placed. Some materials, like aluminum and vinyl, work well outside, while others are better for indoor use. Choosing the right materials often determines how long your sign will last, so you should discuss your options with our team.


Signs are designed to get your business noticed. An effective sign is one that looks professional but stands out in some way. Whether your sign includes seamlessly printed colors or bold accents, it should have a unique flair. For instance, if you run a business on a busy street, a back-lit sign is an excellent choice, letting you capture attention 24/7. After all, nothing is more eye-catching than a colorful, glowing sign on a dark night! You should also think about how you want to decorate flags, table toppings, and any other type of signage that you need. Even if the sign itself is small, a few details will give it a big presence. 

Appealing & Precise Printing

Signage is as artistic as it is technical. Simply put, your sign should look appealing, regardless of its purpose. Even if you need something simple like a traffic sign, the printing should be perfectly done, with not a single detail misplaced. At NWI Print Pro, our expert team members have been in the printing business for several decades. We know how to create signs that are just what you’re looking for. If you need a quality printed sign, look no further!

Clear Communication

No matter what kind of sign you need us to make, one thing’s for certain: your sign is conveying some kind of information, and it needs to do so without any problems. Even if your sign looks great and is built to last, it’s useless if it doesn’t clearly convey the information it contains. Whether it’s a sign containing your company’s name or a display banner to draw in people to your convention table, your sign should be legible and easy to read. Our team members can help you select a font that does just that. 

NWI Print Pro Fulfills Your Signage Needs!

There are many things to consider as you come up with an effective design for your signage. NWI Print Pro can bring your design to life by creating a beautiful, sturdy sign that meets all of your expectations. Get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting with our printers in Crown Point!



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