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16th February, 2022

How Commercial Printing Makes Its Mark in a Digital World 

In today’s digital work, online marketing has become more essential than ever before. Indeed, making through search engine optimization, website improvements, social media, and online ads is critical. But don’t make the mistake of believing that print marketing is obsolete. On the contrary, print marketing is still important, especially for businesses and organizations in certain industries. Here’s an overview of how commercial printing still makes a mark in a digital world—

Print Marketing Gets Results

The reason that print marketing continues to be valuable in 2022 is that it works. Indeed, direct mail still accounts for $38.5 billion of U.S. local advertising costs, and 70 percent of consumers say that direct mail is more personal than online interactions. Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90 percent—way higher than the vast majority of email campaigns. And not only does direct mail have higher readership rates, but it influences consumer decisions, too—over 60 percent of customers who reported opening direct mail in the past three months made a purchase.  

And that’s just direct mail!

Other types of print marketing that can be effective for advertising purposes include:

Commercial Printing Is Essential for Business Operations

Not only is commercial printing a big part of consumer advertising in 2022, but it’s an essential part of business operations, too. Many businesses and organizations still rely on printed materials for reports, presentations, booklets, legal documents and copies, posters, event invitations, and much, much more. Printed materials are valuable because they are tangible, are easily digestible, have high readership, and are more accessible for those who struggle with digital literacy. Even for businesses that have digitized many of their operations and marketing mechanisms, printing continues to be part of everyday life. 

Reach Out to NWI Print Pro for All of Your Printing Needs

At NWI Print Pro, we offer a range of printing services for our customers. Our professional printing services for businesses include booklet printing, business cards, envelopes, newsletter, reports, presentation folders, marketing services, and a suite of office services, including bindery and finishing services. We know that even though it’s 2022 and digital marketing and information sharing are becoming more integral to business operations, printed materials still have a place and are making a mark. To learn more about our services and how to get started, reach out to us by phone or online at your convenience. 



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