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30th September, 2022

How to Bring New Life to Blank Walls

An empty wall is like a blank canvas: you can put anything you want to increase credibility and express your brand’s core values to your clients. Here at NWI Print Pro, our team offers many options for businesses to create vibrant displays. Our clients approach us with brilliant ideas in mind, and our goal is to make them a reality. If you’ve been searching for ways to enhance your commercial space, we have a few suggestions to make the most of your walls and turn them into high-impact marketing tools. 

Wall Murals to Add Dimension

White space indeed provides the eye with a place to rest. But being bold has its advantages, too. If your office has too much white space, don’t be afraid to get creative. A blank wall is a perfect place to add stunning graphics for additional visual interest. The main goal of a wall mural is to add visual beauty to any office, but they also have practical benefits, too. Combine words and images to tell the story of your company. Display your mission statement or pay homage to your founders, employees and donors. 

Incorporate Unique Materials

Using unexpected design elements creates a memorable impression. We create wall decor in all kinds of interesting materials, from wooden signs to vinyl prints, and each has its own advantages. For instance, lettering allows you to feature a motivational quote to inspire workers and clients alike. We create custom vinyl letterings using a wide variety of fonts and colors. Wall lettering conveys your message without taking up space. Or, use backlit signage elements for an eye-catching effect.

Use Signage to Tell a Story

Print marketing lets you convey your values through visual storytelling. Whether you wish to create a mural or a brand new sign, there are plenty of ways to visually represent your work. Murals don’t require text to do so. However, other forms of signage are perfect if you would like to spell things out. We create beautiful signage for interior purposes. These signs can be practical or for pure decoration, depending on your goals. When placed in high-traffic areas, it can boost morale and be seen by all who walk past. 

Use Coordinated Materials

Combine printing styles for a cohesive effect. For instance, canvas prints will bring your photography to life and add personality to any office space. Choose several different images that match a theme, whether that’s color or other visual elements, to coordinate your marketing materials. Locally-based small businesses may choose iconic landmarks in their town to create a homey feel. Or, you may utilize business photos of events you held to demonstrate what you do. 

Talk to Our Professional Printing Team Today

Print marketing is the perfect way to convey a distinct message, whether you wish to do so through vinyl letterings or visuals alone. Regardless, NWI Print Pro is ready to bring your ideas to life. Discuss more ways to bring your blank wall to life with our team. 



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