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17th December, 2022

How To Design a Unique Promotional Calendar

Many of us rely on calendars in our everyday lives. They’re helpful tools that remind us of upcoming events and keep us organized. If you run a business, you can use these as promotional products that further your branding. NWI Print Pro has created all kinds of custom calendars for our clients, and many of these products work best when they have a theme. Choosing the right colors and images for every month can be difficult, and it’s a common issue our printing experts can solve. Here are a few tips to easily design a unique promotional calendar for your brand. 

Plan Your Themes Ahead

There is a holiday for every company. Whether you’re a dental office, a restaurant or a gift shop, you can find a special event to create a theme that suits what you do. Your first step is to determine your goals. Are you trying to reach a wider client base, for instance? Or, do you want to build a stronger relationship with your current clients? Calendars can help you achieve your marketing goals, so having those clearly outlined from the get-go is key to success. 

Choose Holidays to Spotlight

Calendars mark special occasions, and business can spotlight certain holidays as part of their marketing strategy. For instance, if you are hoping to bring in more foot traffic during certain seasons or times of the year, pair these holidays with rewards or promotional events. Your clients will associate these deals with their holiday shopping, spring break plans and other exciting events. You can even print discount codes directly on the calendar that are valid only for that day or week. 

Find Suitable Images

Graphics are the focal point of any calendar. By adding visual interest, your clients will want to hang up the calendar where they can easily access it, which also ensures your brand is always visible. Each month can have a unique graphic that reflects its associated holiday or season. No matter what you have in mind, you’ll feel confident choosing our team to print high-quality, flawless graphics.

Know Your Printing Options

At NWI Print Pro, we use professional printing tools to achieve unique results for our clients. Calendars can be printed in so many different styles. Our products are available in matte and gloss printing to achieve the effect you want. 

Coordinate Your Calendar Theme and Business Cycles

Every business has a busy season and a slow season. Knowing your company’s highs and lows allows you to maximize those times using promotional events. Most offices know at least one busy period that makes employees push their limits: take note of these times and reflect your calendar accordingly. 

Consider QR Codes

In the modern world, many people have a cell phone handy. A promotional calendar can combine print marketing with digital solutions so your clients can easily get in touch. Print a WR code onto special days or events so clients can instantly get more information about it. For example, if you have a special big sale, link to your website so clients can see what products are available. This allows you to use print marketing in new, unexpected ways. 

Contact Our Printing Experts to Begin

Calendars have so many uses, and they make especially effective promotional tools. NWI Print Pro knows the ins and outs of building an effective business calendar. Call today to begin your project. 



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