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7th November, 2022

Making an Impact at Your Next Conference

Attending a conference is the perfect opportunity for a business to make connections. Forging new relationships starts with a great first impression, and traditional printing methods can accomplish exactly that. At NWI Print Pro, we offer plenty of ways for your business to get noticed. Here are just a few of the possibilities. Discuss your goals with our team.

Business Cards Build New Connections

First impressions are important. When making new business connections, you want to set a positive tone from the very start. Rather than having to clumsily fill out a piece of scrap paper, flawlessly offer them a custom-designed business card. These cards may be small in size, but their power is limitless when you let our team design them. 

Name Tags Serve As Reminders

Conferences are filled with hundreds of other people and interactions. For many people, it feels like information overload, so it’s all too easy to forget the names of people you just met. Name tags make it easier to introduce yourself and ensure that the people you interact with will remember who you are. You’ll appear inviting and welcoming to others, who will have no hesitation talking to you. Name tags also double as brand awareness when your logo is included.  

Presentation Folders Keep You Organized

Presentation folders are a must-have for any business taking part in a convention or conference. You keep all of your most important information in one organized location. Distributing your promotional materials is far easier when everything is tucked in a folder rather than handing out the materials individually. Not only is this convenient for you, but others will be impressed by your meticulous preparation.

Promotional Items Attract Clients

Promotional items are a powerful way to draw in brand-new clients. They’re worth the investment since about 40% of consumers say they’re more likely to try a new business when they receive a promotional gift from them. Calendars, brochures or even pens featuring your logo can further your advertising goals by attracting new clients. Every time they use the product, your business comes to mind. 

Use Special Offers As Leverage

The ultimate goal of any promotional product is to showcase what you offer that your competitors don’t. Special offers demonstrate your commitment to clients. Coupons and discounts target their needs and help clients find affordable solutions to their problems. Special offers can be discounts, samples, a free trial or anything else that allows them to engage with your brand. No matter what you dream of, our team will make it a reality.

Make Your Next Conference a Success

Prepare for your conference using the high-quality printed materials at NWI Print Pro. We have everything you need to stand out and make new connections. Whether you are interested in creating business cards, flyers, brochures and other handouts, trust us to deliver the exceptional services you deserve. Leave a lasting impression with the help of our talented printing team. Call today to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your designs. 



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