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12th June, 2022

Modern Design Choices for Your Printed Creations

Every business wants to stand out from their competition. Creating a memorable brand is a matter of establishing a cohesive design across all advertising avenues. Print marketing is an excellent way to garner attention from your local community. In order to build a recognizable brand, you’ll need stunning printed products that resonate with the modern world. Our graphic designers at NWI Print Pro are familiar with the latest trends and can help you create an eye-catching product with which you’re proud to represent your company. 

Consider a Minimalist Approach

When designing a printed graphic, less is more. While it may be tempting to try and squeeze as many artistic elements as possible into your design, doing so can create a muddy, overwhelming appearance that lacks appeal. Instead, limit the colors, textures and shapes to avoid overdoing it. Consider the principles of minimalism, which is an art form that involves simplifying a design’s elements and focusing on its “essence.” Simple, clean designs are associated with a modern appeal as solid colors and shapes promote visual organization, making it easy for readers to find the information they need. 

A minimalistic design suits the fast-paced modern world to maximize information accessibility. Of course, simple doesn’t equate to boring. There are still many elements to include that make your branding pop. Let us help you make a memorable design for your posters, banners and signs. 

Keep Text Short and Sweet

While certain types of printed products, such as newsletters, are suited for longer paragraphs, try to keep your marketing materials concise. Keeping your text short and sweet is more effective than getting overly descriptive. When designing a banner or sign, you need to quickly convey your message. Bulky paragraphs will likely deter viewers from reading all of the information, so avoid writing too much on materials meant to be consumed at a glance. 

Moreover, modern designs tend to emphasize visual cues rather than text-heavy descriptions. Utilize a wide range of vibrant images to increase appeal and comprehension.

Create a Cohesive Experience

Nowadays, it’s important to have an easily recognizable brand. From your storefront’s sign to the flyers you send out each month, all design principles should play off of each other. Use the same colors and patterns for all of your products to create a cohesive brand experience, otherwise your brand may feel inconsistent.  

For instance, consider your business cards. These small yet powerful cards offer your contact information in an easy, convenient way. Include your logo on the design, and choose the same colors you use elsewhere in your branding. You may also opt for a silhouette style cut for an additional, eye-catching effect. No matter how big your dreams are, we will bring your ideas to life. 

Design Your Next Big Advertisement

When you need high-quality printed products, look nowhere else but NWI Print Pro. We proudly help fellow small businesses receive the recognition they deserve. Call our team today to begin your project.  



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