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21st August, 2022

Print Ideas for a Successful School Fundraiser

This school year, you want to be prepared for upcoming fundraisers to maximize their success. Your cause is important for the students and their families, so you want to make sure the event gets the attention it deserves. An effective fundraiser is often a product of excellent advertising. The more people who know about the event, the larger amount of donations and potential supporters you’ll have. NWI Print Pro provides many ways to advertise your fundraiser and make it easier for people to support it. Here are just a few examples of how our printed products can make your school fundraiser a success.  

Promote Using Fundraiser Cards

Support your cause by creating customized fundraiser discount cards. These cards provide incentives for people to support your fundraiser. Offer freebies at local restaurants, special discounts and other point systems to increase donations and show you’re grateful for your supporters. For instance, sponsor discount cards help your supporters feel motivated to donate since they receive something in return. Plus, these cards serve as a physical reminder and are easily accessible in a purse or back pocket. 

Appeal to Alumni Using Booklets

Alumni are among the best resources for drawing in large amounts of funds. Take a nostalgic approach by creating memorable printed materials that remind them of their school spirit. Create booklets, postcards, and other products such as photo books that alumni may wish to collect as keepsakes. If you have regular donors, show how thankful you are by creating special products. Custom calendars are a great way to give back to those alumni who support your fundraiser and work excellently as an incentive for further donations. 

Inform Your Local Community With Banners and Flyers

Advertise your events to the public to increase awareness and invite more people to your event. The community is a very great pool of people to draw from when trying to gain traction. After all, community members often support local schools since many have children and relatives who are part of that network. Banners and flyers make it easy to showcase your event while staying within a budget.  

Create Custom Invitations

Schools often host annual events to gather funds for the school year, some of which are invite-only. In order to draw a large crowd, you’ll want to make each contributor know that they are appreciated. Custom invitations demonstrate that they are personally invited, which can help draw more people to your event. Custom designs can promote your school spirit and help your cause stand out. 

Organize Your Event With Large-Format Banners

When the day of the fundraising event arrives, you’ll be grateful to have our professional printing team at your side. Banners and posters can increase your event’s organization since directional signage lets visitors find what they are looking for inside and outside the event. Large-format printing clearly states the important information so people can easily see it from a distance.

Contact Our Printing Experts

NWI Print Pro is here to help you create the perfect marketing tools for your school fundraiser. With our team at your side, you can design materials that are sure to help you build an effective plan to support your cause. Call today to review your ideas and get started!



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