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25th July, 2022

Print Marketing Design Trends for Fall 2022

Every business can benefit from staying with the latest trends, and print marketing is no exception. Choosing trendy colors and elements to include in your design is a sure-fire way to appeal to the masses. Now’s the perfect time to get ready for your fall marketing plans. Here are a few of the trends to watch out for this fall, as well as a few ways to incorporate them into your branding. NWI Print Pro is ready to achieve your vision, so if you have a few ideas in mind, let us know!

Rich, Calming Colors

2021 was focused on optimistic color schemes: brighter stones to encourage happiness after such an uncertain time. In 2022, however, colors have shifted towards a calming, minimalistic theme. That’s not to say that colors will lack impact: plan on using tranquil, comforting tones that emphasize your brand’s credibility. These colors work well in all kinds of printed materials, such as seasonal flyers and postcards that you can mail to your clients. 

Layered Type and Photography

Layered typography and graphics will rise in popularity this fall. Rather than using a strict, grid-like organization, layouts use layering techniques to appear flowy. Intriguing designs will catch attention, so consider using different fonts and layouts to create a compelling design. 

Colorful Minimalism

Minimalism is a timeless style, and this fall, many companies will return to its sleek, simple appearance. Further your brand by using clean design elements for a polished look. We can help you create effective letterheads and more to boost your products’ visual appeal. Use splashes of color paired with monochrome designs to add interest without overdoing it. 

Subtle Gradients

For your fall marketing plans, skip the overly bright gradients and aim for something fresh. Gradients are simple but add plenty of visual interest in a subtle way. They work very well as a background to the text since they maintain legibility while keeping the design unique. There are many designs that look great with a multicolored gradient, such as business cards and postcards. 

Include Promotional Items

Customers love freebies. If you are sending out printed materials to a wide audience, consider including coupons and free offers to garner attention for your products. Effective printed products have a call to action, and a freebie can prompt customers to act. With more and more clients returning to in-store shopping, you can boost visitors by providing a reason to visit. 

Special Finishing

In order to stand out from your competition, you want to choose unique design elements. Distinguish your brand using special finishes on your printed products. Fall 2022 will be the time to let your brand shine by using different textures and styles. We have the best printing technology to help you accomplish your goals. 

Talk to Our Printing Experts Now!

If you have many ideas in mind but aren’t sure what products would be best, visit NWI Print Pro. We provide the insight you need to create an effective print marketing plan. Include these elements in your products this fall, and you’ll get the attention you deserve. Call today to schedule an appointment!



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