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11th May, 2021

Print Marketing Tips for Businesses

Despite the importance of a digital presence, print marketing has remained a top choice for businesses aiming to expand their horizons. With so many affordable options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a classic approach to marketing. Of course, there are steps you can take to make your experience optimal. Here are a few tips provided by our team at NWI Print Pro on how you can utilize print marketing to take your company to new heights. 

Personalization Is Big

Personalization has a huge appeal to a modern audience. Nowadays, when everything online is tailored to our likes, clients are searching for a company that offers a personalized customer experience. Print marketing can keep up with the times, too. Personalized messages, direct mailing and unique designs emulate that individualized experience. By immersing yourself in personalized printing, you’ll boost your business significantly and be the one clients seek time and time again.   

Vivid Colors and Patterns Work Well—In Moderation

Bold is often better when it comes to catching an observer’s eye. That being said, be sure to moderate your design so it is equal parts attractive and pleasant to look at. Too much of a good thing, such as vibrant colors, can come across as corny or gaudy. Instead, consider splashes of color: a bold icon on an otherwise simple business card or a bold graphic for a vinyl banner.  

Incorporate Discounts and Coupons

What customer doesn’t like a great deal? Attaching a coupon to your printed booklet or flyer is an easy way to draw in customers, both new and old. Plus, a coupon serves as a physical reminder of your business, which is one of its advantages over digital printing. It’s an effective call to action that prompts new prospects to seek out your services. 

Newsletters Are Making a Comeback

Many companies are turning to newsletters as a convenient way to keep their clients abreast of the latest developments. Newsletters are considered trustworthy, making them a great way to share information while establishing credibility. Furthermore, with almost everything being exclusively online these days, a freshly printed newsletter will help you stand out. 

Use Your Brand to Tell A Story

A well-designed print is worth a thousand words. Share your brand with your viewers through strategic storytelling. Combine images with text to render an interesting narrative that your clients can relate to. For instance, you can incorporate this narrative into your printed material’s call to action, whether it is to buy your product or volunteer for your cause. 

Call Our Printing Company Today!

There’s a lot you can achieve using traditional printing services. No large investments are needed to get attention and build a distinguished brand. NWI Print Pro is proud to be a leader in commercial printing services, and we’d love to help you with your goals. Keeping up with the times ensures your business gains the recognition it deserves. To learn more about what we can do for your company’s visibility and brand, just give us a call. Also, feel free to send us your materials for a free quote on your project. 



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