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We can handle all of your direct mail needs! NWI Print Pro specializes in mailings larger than 200 and up to 200,000 pieces for regular businesses or non-profit organizations. We offer full direct mail services in our mailing room such as mailing lists, stuffing of envelopes, addressing postcards, and EDDM mailing. We are Crown Point’s largest bulk mailer and come highly recommended from our Post Office!

EDDM Mailing

EDDM is the USPS abbreviation for Every Door Direct Mail. This type of mailing is delivered to every residential customer on a postal route or every residential customer AND business on that route. This mailing is more cost-effective because you don’t have to imprint an address on each mailing piece. But this mailing may not be the right mailing for your business and we can help you determine that. Just contact us.

Envelope Mailing

Envelope mailers are used by non-profits or businesses that need to send more than a single card to get their mailing to the customer. This envelope can include letters, appeal or support cards, donation requests, and return envelopes. We can provide all these services and mail at the best postage rate for your mailing.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists could be as simple as all the houses in a subdivision or certain businesses with sales, employee size, contacts, and phone numbers. We can provide your needs based on what your goal is. Just give us a call to discuss the many options that are available and let us show you the best way to reach your goals.

Non-Profit Mailer

Print Pro’s Non-Profit Standard Mailing service is available to specific organizations that fall under the not-for-profit designation as governed by federal requirements and does not include any additional services provided by the post office in the price. This type of mailing service has deeper discounts than any other mailing class.

Additional services like forward and return services are available but must be paid for separately. Most commonly used for fundraising and to promote non-profit organizations because of the discounts on postage that is available to the sender. Some mailing pieces could have postage as low as $.08 per item!

The postage price on this type of mailing is determined by the design of the piece, the kind of paper used, and the size and weight of the piece. All of this can be easily handled when you contact our friendly mail consultants.

Postcard Mailing

Postcard Mailers are the best way to get your customer to see your offer. Since it is not enclosed in an envelope the offer is shown as the card is removed from the mailbox. These can be printed with black ink on a colored stock or full color on white stock. Just contact us and we will help you match a mailing to your budget and needs.

Presort Standard Mailing

This form of mailing service is commonly used for business promotions such as flyers, postcards, and self-mailers, with deep discounts on postage in this class of mail as low as $0.16 per piece. However, it can be used for other business mailings as well.

The postage price on this type of mailing is determined by the design of the piece, the kind of paper used, and the size and weight of the piece. Contact us and we will explain your options using direct mail.

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  • Mailers from 200 to 200,000 Quantity
  • Cost-Effective Mailings
  • Knowledgeable Mailing Consultants
  • Non-Profit Mailing Options
  • Many Colors, Styles, & Stock Available


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