Prescription Pads

Prescription Pads

With the rates of prescription drug abuse continuing to rise, pharmacies and doctors need to carefully protect their patients’ information. As a worker in healthcare, you want to know if the prescriptions you’re handling are secure and authentic. NWI Print Pro prints prescription pads that clearly communicate your patient’s needs. We print prescription pads in several varieties so you can get ones that fulfill your specific requirements. 

Our business has been authorized by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency to print anti-tamper prescription pads. If you have any questions, call NWI Print Pro, and we’ll happily answer them.

Prescription Pads That Meet Your Needs

Like everything else we print at NWI Print Pro, our prescription pads are made with the utmost precision and are quality guaranteed. We have three types of prescription pads available, depending on your preferences. 

  • Standard Prescription Pads. If you’d like something basic, get our standard prescription pads. These have a classic, simple design that you’re familiar with. With a basic format that accentuates readability, there’ll be no confusion between the doctor, patient and pharmacist. What’s more, these prescription pads follow state regulations and contain several security measures to prevent photocopying, erasing and counterfeiting.
  • Security Feature Prescription Pads. Also called tamper-resistant prescription forms, security feature prescription pads are a must-have for any medical office. These contain additional security measures that go beyond the standard requirements. For instance, these tamper-resistant forms incorporate special technology to make replication even more difficult. They may have invisible fibers in the paper that cannot be photocopied or chemical-reactive paper.
  • Laser Prescription Paper. Laser prescription paper has features that are similar to security feature prescription pads. They are printed with laser ink to incorporate intricate design features that change if the information is altered. Each page has a security background and follows all of the requirements. 

Prescription Pads With Security Features

Prescription pads can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. In order to help prevent drug abuse, Indiana state regulations require all prescription pads to have at least three verified security features. All of our prescription pads, regardless of their variety, adhere to these regulations and contain the following features:

  • Photocopy Prevention. Our prescription pads are made out of special paper that’s embedded with a secret “void” message. The message only appears when the paper is photocopied. The legitimate paper will also have a watermark that’s only visible when held up to a light.
  • Thermochromic Ink. Each prescription contains heat-sensitive markers. If someone applies heat to the paper, the ink will change from blue to clear. You can also choose an ink that’s resistant to chemical washes.   
  • Security Border. The edges are printed with a border that contains a security description written in a very tiny font. This cannot be effectively reproduced through copying or printing.  

Since NWI Print Pro is a verified vendor of prescription pads, you can expect your products to contain all of these security features at an affordable price.  

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NWI Print Pro is your trusted source for all sorts of printed materials, including prescription pads. Our products are quality guaranteed and perfect for any professional environment. We print high-quality prescription pads for licensed healthcare professionals. Call us today!

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