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12th December, 2021

Printing Options & Techniques

At NWI Print Pro, we utilize state-of-the-art printing technology to create professional documents, banners, signage and graphics. We understand your need for the highest quality products, and we meet your expectations through our innovative solutions. Over the years, printing technology has advanced, providing a wide variety of printing methods. Different techniques produce varying results, allowing you to achieve the specific effect you want. Our team is here to help you understand what we do to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Digital Printing

A modern method of printing is through digital printing, which utilizes laser and inkjet printers to create intricate graphics. Digital printing involves reproducing digital pictures on physical surfaces, such as signs, posters and flyers. After sending your image files directly to us, we can quickly print your design with little downtime. We also won’t need to use a printing plate, meaning there are no setup costs, which works especially well for smaller projects. 

Lithographic (Offset) Printing

Lithographic printing uses aluminum printing plates that contain the image of what will be printed. The image is then transferred—or “offset” onto rollers, which then adhere the ink image onto the materials. Since the printing plates never make contact with the content, their lifetime is extended. Also, lithographic printing provides consistent results and high-quality printing for small projects as well as larger ones. While lithographic printing does take more time, it’s an excellent option for large volume printing. 

Large Format

If you are interested in creating an advertisement in a traditional format, consider the advantages of large format printing. This method of printing is used to produce large-scale media, such as banners, murals, billboards and more, using flatbed presses or roll-fed inkjet presses. 


For projects involving detailed images with an intricate design, rotogravure printing is a good option to consider. The process involves engraving the printed image onto a copper cylinder, which then transfers the image to the material. The technology used offers high-speed printing and unparalleled efficiency. 

Latex Ink Printing

Latex ink can be printed on uncoated base materials thanks to its heat-fusing properties. It’s a dependable way to produce the results you need since it offers high stabilization. Latex ink printing technology allows us to create vibrant images. These are often used for posters and vehicle graphics, as these require bold colors. 

Bulk Printing

When you need to print numerous copies of the same thing, bulk printing is the way to go. Easily print flyers, brochures and postcards right in our office. Our printing technology lets us efficiently produce products in bulk and distribute them to a custom mailing list. 

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NWI Print Pro is committed to creating the highest quality products for our clients. We recognize the need for efficiency and accuracy, so we use the latest professional printing technology to uphold your goals. With so many options available, you can be confident that the product we make for you matches your vision. Call today or send us your files online to get started.



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