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11th August, 2020

Reach a Remote Audience Using Print Marketing

One of the problems many small businesses are currently facing is the question of how they’ll continue their day-to-day operations while keeping their doors closed. If in-person meetings aren’t an option, try some of our products at NWI Print Pro to continue making connections even while remote. Here’s how our printed products can help you expand your audience in a way that’s safe and effective.  

Booklets Feature Your Top Products

If your business has been slow lately, try some alternatives. Since customers may be less willing to show up to simply browse your wares, why not send your shelves to them? Creating a detailed, carefully bound booklet of your latest products is an excellent way to give your customers a glimpse of your store—while they don’t leave their home. That way, you can continue to draw in customers, even those who have remained at home.  

Brochures Offer New Ways to Order

Restaurant owners have turned to takeout as one of their main drivers for continuous business. Send your menus to your clients to get their mouths watering. With our team to help you, your brochures will spotlight vivid images of your restaurant’s finest dishes paired with intricately printed text. 

Offer Special Discounts Using Discount Cards

Many people are tight on money, so offering discounts is a sure way to draw in business. Discount cards are a popular way to create memberships and lasting connections with customers. Now’s the perfect time to create a discount plan to show how much you value your customers. If you’re interested, let our pressmen know! We create appealing, customized discount cards for a variety of industries. 

Bulk Mailing is the Way to Go

Now that you have ideas in mind, the final step is to execute them. Printing aside, you’ll need to send out your products to your clients, but doing so can take lots of time and resources. We offer bulk mailing services to make this step easy! Quickly make a widescale impression without the trouble. 

Install Social Distancing Markers in Your Business

If you plan on keeping your business open, your customers’ safety is your top priority. Placing markers on the ground to help customers maintain 6 feet of distance is an effective way to ensure customers stay safe while in your store. Likewise, if you require masks inside your store, place a sign outside to clearly display your store’s safety rules. We offer a variety of social distancing products that you’ll appreciate. Reach out to us if you’d like to install these in your business.

Talk to Our Printing Experts Today!

Print marketing unlocks new potential for your business. Our services at NWI Print Pro are exactly what you need to keep your business strong during an uncertain time. Between our outstanding printing services and convenient bulk mailing services, you’ll continue to reach out to hundreds of customers with ease. If you’d like to learn more about our services and products, send us a message today! We’d love to discuss your ideas and provide more information about what we offer. 



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