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27th October, 2020

Reasons to Choose Professional Sign Installation

The right sign can make a huge difference in your business’s image. Our quality signage at NWI Print Pro has been impressing passersby since 1985. Installing a new sign can completely change the way your business is perceived by your target audience by boosting your credibility and visibility. However, signage isn’t something you can create alone. While some companies choose to install signs on their own, it’s better to let a professional handle the process. Here’s why. 


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Taking time out of your busy schedule to install a sign is an absolute hassle. Even if you believe you can do it yourself, the reality is that installing a sign is much harder than it may seem. A sign installation expert knows what details to pay attention to. Instead of attempting to do it yourself, let our experienced team install your sign and save yourself the trouble. Our services are convenient, making them the perfect option for anyone who needs efficient sign installation. 

Liability Concerns

Depending on its location, an improperly installed sign can be dangerous. For instance, if you have a sign that hangs above a walkway, you need to make sure it is safely installed to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Individuals who have never installed a sign may not install it correctly. If your sign is installed by a professional team, it increases safety and minimizes the risk of accidents. Our team has installed a countless number of signs. We’ll confidently manage the installation process. 

We Have the Right Equipment

Our team has professional equipment we use to install signs. We use a mobile lift to install signs that are in high locations. We use these tools to ensure the signs are properly installed. Trying to do this step yourself can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Additionally, we’ll check the signs for quality. If something looks off or isn’t fitting the way it should. We’ll be there to quickly make adjustments and get back on track. 

Better for Intricate Signage

If you have an intricate sign, such as a backlit electric sign or even a vehicle graphic, you are better off letting our signage experts handle it for you Improperly installed signs and graphics can lead to long term repercussions. Vehicle graphics are particularly tricky since if the graphic isn’t installed properly, it may be wrinkled or compromise your vehicle by trapping moisture and debris underneath against your vehicle’s exterior. 

Call Our Crown Point Sign Printing Company Today

As you can see, there’s a lot to appreciate about professional sign installation. Instead of attempting to install the sign on your own, our team can handle the project every step of the way. You are still a key part of the design process, and we value your feedback along the way. If you’re ready to get started on creating a new sign for your business, get in touch. NWI Print Pro has experience installing interior and exterior signage. Let us manage the sign fabrication and installation process for you: call us today to get started!



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