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29th June, 2021

Retail Store Signage

Small businesses shouldn’t underestimate the power of a sign. Signs are often the easiest and yet most effective way for a company to get attention. Retail stores of any type can benefit from a well-designed sign. NWI Print Pro offers a number of ways for you to get the attention your business deserves. There are several things you should keep in mind as you create your design. Our experts are happy to help you create the perfect signage for your retail store, so don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Less Is More

A cluttered sign is never good. Whether it’s because of too many large, colorful graphics, or too much text, you can’t grab people’s attention if your sign is hard to read. Presenting the information in a simple, straightforward way ensures that your audience will pay attention to the core message. You can do this by shortening your message, creating a bold text out of the most important part or including a graphic alongside a catchy message. No matter what your end design looks like, keep things short and sweet so people see your message with a glance. 

Choose the Right Fonts

Continuing off the aforementioned point about readability, be sure to choose the right font and text size. You need the text to be large enough to see from a distance, but also small enough to comfortably fit within the borders. We print a variety of text as we are well accustomed to typography. Let our experts size your message accordingly to the dimensions of your signage

Contrast Creates Interest

Add instant interest in your sign by using contrasting colors. This gives a reason for your audience to keep looking: after all, bold colors are eye-catching and create visual interest for you to play around with. For instance, you can use a contrasting color for the font to make it pop from the background. You must also compensate for glare that occurs on sunny days, which can potentially compromise your sign’s readability. 

Size Up Your Competition

If you’re out of ideas, take a look at what your competition is doing. See what’s working for them. For instance, what are they featuring on their signage? Are they using custom graphics, or interesting catchphrases? Think about how you can integrate these features into your own signage. 

Choose the Right Medium

Every kind of signage provides a unique effect. Depending on the kind of sign you choose, your signage will have a particular impact on your audience. From 3D signage to vinyl banners, there are so many ways to advertise your retail store. Choosing the medium for your message will determine how viewers receive it. A backlit sign is perfect for advertising at night, while large signs do well in fast-paced settings that require high visibility. We’ll guide you through your options. Keep in mind that our team handles the zoning and installation process, too, so no matter what you decide on, we are here for you. 

Contact Our Printing Team

Creating the ideal design begins with a knowledgeable printing team. NWI Print Pro is your neighborhood printing company delivering customizable signage, banners and more. Bring your ideas to life by calling us today



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