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13th October, 2021

The Benefits of Magnetic Signs and Graphics

Businesses searching for a cost-effective advertising tool should look into magnetic signage. These affordable, lightweight graphics provide far reach without exceeding your budget. Magnetic signs are a popular choice, and you may not realize how beneficial they are until you speak with our team at NWI Print Pro. We provide a range of quality printed products and create custom magnetic graphics to suit your needs. Check out some of the benefits of these signs below. 


Since magnetic signs are built for indoor and outdoor use, they are made of durable materials that are meant to withstand the wind and rain. These signs last for many years since they do not fade easily and are created to last. At NWI Print Pro, we are dedicated to creating fabricating products that our clients use time and time again. You can trust our team to make something that’ll last you for years. 

Easy to Use

Simplicity is a major benefit of magnetic signs, as these are very easy to install and remove if needed. Usually, it takes only a person or two to position the sign, so you get the results you want quickly. When removed, the surface is dry and clean, so there’s no need to clean it afterward. You can switch out magnetic signs easily, so they’re an excellent choice for seasonal projects. As you can see, they have plenty of long-term value. 


Magnetic signs and graphics are custom-made, meaning you can choose from any number of colors, designs and images to include on yours. NWI Print Pro can help you make a suitable design that supports your goals. Additionally, their application makes them versatile as well, since you can easily switch them out depending on your needs. For instance, if you have a company vehicle that’s used for leisure and work, you can switch graphics without any trouble. What’s more, magnetic signage is applicable in so many different environments, from schools to small businesses, so it’s no wonder why these tools appear everywhere. 


Magnetic signs work well on many different surfaces as long as they have a metal or magnetic surface. There’s no limit to what you can choose to do with these signs, as they offer so many opportunities to showcase your brand. Produce custom fridge magnets in bulk as freebies for your clients, or create stunning signage for your company vehicle. With so many options, you’ll want to speak with our experts to make the best possible decision. 


Magnetic signs are essentially miniature billboards. When installed on vehicles, they provide excellent on-the-go marketing. They have a huge impact and extend your reach beyond your local community, particularly if your fleet travels to neighboring towns and cities for work. No matter how they’re deployed, you’ll be proud to represent your brand with these signs. 

Create Magnetic Signage At NWI Print Pro!

Now that you understand the benefits of magnetic signage for your business, get in touch with the NWI Print Pro team to start your project. 



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