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6th December, 2022

Tips for the Perfect Letterhead Design

A professionally-designed letterhead is timeless. Personalizing your correspondence, whether it’s a newsletter or a notice for your customers, looks far more thoughtful than using a generic design. Branding is essential to any business, and making your own letterhead is easier than you may expect. NWI Print Pro offers some of our top tips when designing your very own letterhead design. If you’re ready to create your custom marketing materials, call us today.

Play Up Your Branding

A standard letterhead typically includes your logo and business name, and it’s probably a good idea to include those. But you don’t have to stick with a standard design: you can get creative when integrating your brand. For example, you can include the icon on the top of the page with your company’s branding colors integrated throughout. Use colored text to make certain information stand out, such as your contact information, headers or a special quote. As a result, you can emphasize your brand without getting repetitive. 

Simplicity is Key

A design doesn’t have to be packed to the brim with patterns, colors and different fonts to be successful. In fact, less is often more. A simple design will showcase specific visual elements without distracting from the content. Keep the letterhead clean by limiting your color palette. Choose one or two accent tones to compliment your brand’s main color. You can also choose a graphic or image to accompany your logo: make sure this image isn’t too busy to keep the focus on the newsletter itself. 

Choose Typography Carefully

Your brand deserves attention. One way to capture your audience’s attention is through typography. Different typefaces turn information into interesting design features. Bold font can highlight your letterhead and distinguish it from the rest of the content. You’ll achieve a classic yet distinct look. 

Use Imagery

Balance negative space with imagery. Use silhouettes and other graphics to tell a story. You don’t have to go overboard to connect with your audience: high color contrast and interesting shapes will capture their attention and convey your brand’s mission. There are nearly limitless options to choose from for your images, so if you aren’t sure where to begin, talk to our design experts. 

Add a Badge or Crest

While it’s important to maintain a simple, clean design, including a small graphic can make a major impression on your audience. Adding a badge or crest to your letterhead adds a unique flair to your stationery. Icons, logos and other graphics represent your company’s interests. 

Pair With Abstract Elements

Another method to increase your brand awareness is to add abstract artistic design elements to your letterhead. A pattern can pair well with your logo and emphasize the colors or shapes it contains. A dramatic background adds visual interest and is highly memorable. 

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