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26th July, 2021

Understanding Color and Ink in your Professional Printing Project

Color printing opens doors to brand new possibilities. When you’re creating marketing documents, signage, vehicle graphics and more, don’t overlook the power of ink and color in your project. There are so many ways you can utilize colors to create a bold look that draws attention no matter where it is installed. NWI Print Pro can help you understand how to integrate these details into your products. Here’s what you should know, and if you have any questions, reach out to our team. 

Understanding RGB and CMYK Color Models

RGB, which stands for red, green and blue, is a color model founded on the idea of light energy. This model uses the three additive primary colors which, when added together, will provide white. It’s most commonly used as a display for computer screens and in digital images. RBG differs from CMYK, or cyan, magenta and yellow, which is a model based on pigments. CMYK is subtractive, since this model starts with white and subtracts to give you the values you need. In this model, the colors are added together to remove color from the white light. Considering this, CMYK is your best choice for physical printing. It provides more accurate values when your product comes off the printing press. 

Use Color to Its Fullest

Now that you understand how color is used for printed products, it’s time to choose a palette that suits your brand. Considering 93% of consumers focus on visual appearance when it comes to advertisements, creating something visually attractive is vital to successfully drawing in clientele. You can always opt to match your logo, as it’s among the easiest ways to make something truly memorable. For visual interest, choose colors that compliment the main colors, too. You can use complimentary colors, which sit across from each other on the color wheel, or choose analogous colors for a simple yet vibrant palette. 

Consider how color is used to draw the eye as well. Reds, oranges and yellows are bold and are successful when used in signage and other eye-catching products. For banners, headers and brochures, consider using more neutral tones to make text easy to read. You’ll also want to use white, black or another color to use in empty space, which gives your viewers a place to rest their eyes. Ultimately, there are so many options, so consult with our team to determine the best colors for your project. 

Consider What You’re Creating

As we referenced above, choosing the right colors will also depend heavily on the type of printed product you are creating. Vehicle graphics, exterior signs and other items that will be viewed from a distance will benefit from a bolder, simple palette with minimal colors. This creates better contrast and can help viewers discern the text even from across the street. On the other hand, brochures, postcards and other handheld marketing materials work well with colorful images and graphics. You’ll want to balance pops of color with readable text. Regardless of your plans, our team can help you design a product that takes your business to the next level. 

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