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14th August, 2021

What Makes a Good Business Card Design?

In a world where it seems every company is competing to get noticed, it can be challenging to find a way to distinguish yourself from the rest. NWI Print Pro recognizes your need to stand out. Small businesses fortunately have plenty of options when it comes to representing their brand. Business cards are among the best ways to spread information about your company and make new connections. A cleverly designed business card packs quite the punch, but what aspects does it entail? We’ve compiled some of the most important considerations as you work with our printing team on creating a business card. 

A Style that Suits Your Brand

Business cards do a great job at summarizing your brand in a glance. With the right colors, fonts and graphics, a business card can represent what makes your brand unique. Each business has a personality: maybe you’d like to go bold with colors, or perhaps you’d like to keep it formal with a simpler design. Regardless, knowing what makes you stand out from the get go will aid you and our team as we come up with an effective design. 

Organized Information

The way text is presented on a business card is important. You’ll want to make it easy for clients to contact you, find your website or job title. Information should be positioned to maximize clarity. Spacing between lines can indicate separate sections, while grouping lines together, such as an address with a contact information, makes it clear who the person will get in touch with and how. 

Something Unique

Clients appreciate creativity. Adding an extra element to your business card makes it even more memorable. For instance, a stylized cut adds visual interest without compromising professionalism. You may also opt for a gloss coating rather than matte, which adds shine. Think about what you’re trying to convey, and talk to our team about which options can help you achieve it.  

White Space

Business cards have about 7 square inches of space that needs to be used to its fullest. While you may feel tempted to squeeze as much as possible, but white space is an important aspect of an effective design. While space doesn’t necessarily have to be white: it’s simply a term to describe any negative space. Avoid busy designs and give a place for the viewer to rest their eyes. 

Call to Action

Just like any other form of print marketing, a business card should include a prompt for the reader to continue to the next step. A good design will make them want to continue that relationship. A few possibilities include adding a tip, a special offer or a discount, anything that guides them to the next stage. 

Create Your Business Cards Today!

As you create the perfect business cards for your organization, keep these principles in mind. NWI Print Pro will help you create a stunning set of business cards you’ll be proud to share with new prospects. Call today to get started. 



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