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17th January, 2023

Why is the Font You Use Important?

Print marketing opens up new pathways for your business. Flyers, brochures, postcards, and other printed materials make it easy to establish your brand as a community leader. In order to produce materials that speak to your brand’s finest qualities, you must select the right design elements. There’s so much to consider, from color to graphics, that you may overlook the importance of font. Any time you have text on marketing materials, you want to choose the best font since the one you select sets the tone. Our designers at NWI Print Pro explore the reasons that font is important and how to choose the one that matches your vision. 

Font Emphasizes Your Message

With hundreds of fonts to choose from, finding the right option for your brand can be intimidating. First, you need to identify which group of fonts will best represent your branding. Serif fonts have “feet” on the letters and convey authority and dependability. San serif fonts are those that do not have “feet” on them. Script fonts, on the other hand, appear similar to cursive and are more decorative than the others. These fonts are visually interesting but shouldn’t be used as body text due to their lower readability. Use script fonts sparingly where you want to draw the eye. 

Text Allows You to Create Visual Shapes

After you’ve decided which fonts should be used for the body text and heading, you can shape them to your liking for special effects. Whether you shape words within boxes or use them to produce a silhouette, the way you use white space can make all the difference in how effective your design is. You need enough white space between visual elements to allow your viewer’s eyes to rest and to keep each box of text distinguished from the other. Play around with layouts to find a design that suits your branding. 

Different Font Sizes Add Contrast

When creating print marketing materials, you want to avoid using the same exact fonts and sizes everywhere in the text. Differentiate your headings from bodies of text by choosing a bold, expressive font. You want to draw the eye to headings to provide readers with a glimpse at the content’s main points. Larger font within more white space conveys your message and maximizes simplicity. 

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it and choose a bunch of random fonts. Select 2 or 3 fonts, and limit yourself to that number. Choose fonts that contrast each other well and look harmonious. For example, you can choose an elegant script font to use to emphasize certain words or phrases while keeping the main body a readable sans serif font. 

Contact Our Printing Professionals to Review Your Design

If you’re thinking of creating a newsletter, booklet, flyer, or any other printed material, you need to be mindful of the fonts you select. Understanding what makes fonts effective guides you to the right font for your design. Our professionals at NWI Print Pro can help you create a stunning design that furthers your marketing goals. Call today to begin!



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